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biohazard spit    Kovler Blood Samples

In April, I interviewed with the University of Chicago's Kovler Diabetes Center hoping to be included in their MODY registry. The registry strives to correctly diagnose people with MODY and follow them over time to learn about monogenic forms of diabetes. (If you're curious about these and other types of diabetes, see this earlier post.)

My interest in the registry is three-fold. By participating, I can:
1) learn my own MODY subtype and use the knowledge for improved medical care;
2) get my children tested and learn whether they have MODY (and which subtype);
3) add to the knowledge and understanding of this relatively obscure form of diabetes.

This kind of DNA testing is very expensive so I appreciate the cost is entirely covered by the study. And the process is easy and somewhat fun if you like to geek out on health data (a really useful trait if you happen to have diabetes).

After completing the initial screening and filling out a longish online form, the study coordinator advised me to wait a few weeks for the enticingly named "spit kit" to arrive. I came home from vacation last week to find both the spit kit and (added bonus!) a blood sample kit.

The process of gathering the samples was fun - in a faux science-y kind of way. Even the drudgery of routine finger-pricking got a little boost.

I mailed the materials back to Kovler yesterday and await the results. MODY-1 and MODY-3 are prime suspects...