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I have a bit of a thing for Greek and Roman myths.

As a kid, I loved learning about the gods and goddesses and their varied gifts and shortcomings. In college I traveled around Italy, revisiting the myth in paintings, frescoes and statues. As a parent, I encourage my girls to explore these heroic tales over the ones that are thrust upon them. (Seriously, can any Disney princess hold a candle to, say, Athena, Goddess of wisdom, battle, and craft, who sprang from Zeus's head ready for battle?)

But the tale of Icarus and Daedalus (read a summary of it here) remains a favorite.


Sad though the ending is, I have always been fond of this myth. I admire the father’s courage and ingenuity. I like that Dad and son hatch a plan, build wings, learn to fly, and set off on an adventure. And, even though it didn't work out for them, I've always imagined that it could have. The story celebrates human potential. People are smart. We have the ideas, knowledge, and courage to do amazing things. At the same time, it's about moderation  overriding temptation and following good advice.

So, that's the diabetes metaphor I’ve had in my head since adolescence. The reminder to remain optimistic and to steer clear of the highs and lows.