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4th Annual Diabetes Blg Week 2013

Today's post was written for Diabetes Blog Week.
The Prompt:
 Other diabetes blogs worth reading.

Yesterday I found Ilana Lucas’s Diaturgy. Her post Ode to an Insulin Pump led me to explore the site and smallish collection of well written and interesting posts.

I found Meredith Pack’s blog, With a Side of Insulin, today. There’s no post in particular, I just find the entire blog relatable and fun to read.

I was glad to see a couple of familiar blog names:

  • Texting My Pancreas – Great name and the blog itself is well written with a sense of fun. The day I found this site, I stayed a long while clicking, reading, clicking…
  • Six Until Me – In a post titled "Memories" Kerri describes her experience of a childhood low and her Mom helping her through it. Her story affected me even more as a parent than as a person with diabetes.

(Thanks to Pearlsa of A Girl's Reflections for inspiring today's topic.)

This wraps up my first Diabetes Blog Week. Thanks very much to Karen at Bitter-Sweet for organizing it and for creating connections within the DOC.

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